Netgear is always one of the best routers for internet sharing. Monitoring traffic and controlling the bandwidth is easier on Netgear than any other router. Netgear is the most costly router that I brought for testing than any other else. Choosing the best Netgear model does not solve your speed issue.

Over direct connection to the router, about 450. Before actually upgrading, I saw a slight decrease in my speeds which hovered at around 280-300 up/down over wifi AND direct connection. After upgrading to a gig, the speeds over direct connection to the router and wifi speeds on the 5Ghz band stood at about the same speeds -- 280-300. Netgear has definitely messed up the new firmware. The speeds are much slower. A way to get slightly better speeds is by . Advanced > Setup > QoS. enable QoS. switch it to Dynamic. Turn on auto update database. manually updated the database on time. enable WMM. I personally dont like the router to speed up or slow down a particular device on my Single-band routers only use one band, usually 2.4 GHz. Mbps: This acronym stands for megabits per second, and refers to the data transmission speed of the router. This speed also is known as the bandwidth for the router. Higher bandwidth numbers yield faster data transmission. Jul 26, 2018 · Even Netgear itself doesn't recommend activating QoS at higher speeds. At download speeds of 300 Mbps or greater, the company explains that the feature is unnecessary.

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