Create a System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient object, set the SMTP server info you are using. Then create a System.Smtl.MailMessage with the message data and send it:

The most common SMTP port is 25. Select SMTP and enter 587 for Port. The address is the IP address of the mail server, or the corresponding DNS name. In our case, resolves to the mail server that is accepting SMTP on port 587. Setting up Gmail SMTP Server for Lexmark 2016 up to the How to Setup Gmail SMTP Server with App Password. Note: 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) will not work with the SMTP server setup for Lexmark devices. Make sure to use the following settings in the Email Setup of the Printer. SMTP Gateway: Primary SMTP Port: 465 Secondary SMTP Gateway: leave it blank Secondary SMTP Gateway port: 587 Outlook 2010 authenticated SMTP server (default SMTP port We have instructions for both default SMTP port and alternate SMTP port configurations - alternate port is generally used if your ISP blocks the normal port 25 SMTP access (as many do these days!). Step One. Load Microsoft Outlook 2010; Go to the 'File' tab; Go to the …

Setting up Gmail SMTP Server for Lexmark 2016 up to the

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