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Solved: Slow ethernet, Fast wifi - NETGEAR Communities Re: Slow ethernet, Fast wifi Killer Internet is my motherboards Lan chipset, the drivers come with Killer network manager which restricts traffic unless they are video games, to install drivers alone I needed to go through device manager, then direct it to where I had the drivers on my hard drive. Internet speed was slow until I reboot the computer. Why 7. Contact your Internet service Sometimes the service is not up to you in an integrated art comes to you to solve the problem. Educate yourself speed internet-7 8. If the performance of your computer is slow Vqtaa online will also be slow and remember that the Internet speed can not exceed the degree of the speed limit on your PC. Why Do Internet Speeds Slow Down at Certain Times During May 20, 2015 Roku running slow compared to other internet devic

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