All of the server were really fast in delivering static files. In comparison the table also includes figures on how long it takes for a Node.js app to either deliver a static page or to deliver a dynamic page loaded from a database. The time is significantly slower, even though Node.js is the fastest app server there is.

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Feb 05, 2019

Mar 27, 2019 Solved: What is the fastest way to download sas data to lo What is the fastest way to download sas data to local desktop? Posted 03-13-2017 (1992 views) I have this routine whereby I need to analyze data from the server.

Mar 23, 2008 · During the Steam sale, there were times that I dropped to a whopping 2 KB/s with a New Zealand download server set. Switching to an Australia one instead bumped me back up to 8+ MB/s (which is still a far cry from the 16+ MB/s I used to get half a year ago).

Jul 09, 2020 · Several utilities can help you find the best DNS server by running benchmarks that test how each server responds specifically to your location. GRC DNS Benchmark is a great tool for Windows and Linux users, and namebench is a quick and easy tool that runs on Mac, too.