Aug 26, 2004 · To modify the cache location in IE, go to Tools | Internet Options, and click Settings on the General tab. In the Settings dialog box, click Move Folder, browse to a new location, and click OK. Sep 19, 2010 · NOTE: This option is to Save as a file you want to download to any location no matter what you set the default Save location in Option One above.1. After you click/tap on the file's download link in IE9 oe IE10, click/tap on the drop down arrow on the Save button at the bottom of IE9 or IE10, and click/tap on Save as. Mar 15, 2019 · Internet Explorer is present in every copy of Windows, even Windows 10. Even though Microsoft has been pushing it’s Edge browser very hard, many people prefer the familiarity of Internet Explorer. Like every browser, IE as a cache, and sometimes that cache can get “confused”. Clearing the browser cache is the fastest way to un-confuse it. There are three main ways to clear cache in a Windows 10 computer: temporary files cache, File Explorer history, and browser cache. Mar 22, 2017 · That changes the Internet Explorer cache, not the Edge cache. As far as I know, Edge offers no way to move the cache location through the app itself, which is the primary reason I'm still using IE. I'm currently contemplating using mklink to redirect the folder to a Ramdisk.

This tutorial shows how to set Internet Explorer to always show the latest version of web pages by changing the cache settings. Produced with Camtasia by Bill Myers Video: .

Feb 22, 2017 · in the IE temp folder article link above, the person manually changed the folder location somewhere else BEFORE applying the registry edit - this way IE already set up the folder location properly. Once you set the folder location, you can set the disk space properly. Microsoft Edge history is mainly stored within SQLite databases located in the Edge profile folder. Previous versions of Edge stored history within an ESE database named WebCacheV01.dat. Browser History Examiner is a forensic software tool for extracting and viewing the Edge SQLite and WebCacheV01.dat databases. Oct 30, 2012 · How to Increase the Disk Space Internet Explorer Uses as a Cache One of the first thing you might want to do is increase or decrease the amount of information IE caches. You should remember that most of the things that it caches are static images, so a lot of the time the default cache size of 250MB is quite large.

Temporary Internet Files is a folder on Microsoft Windows which serves as the browser cache for Internet Explorer to cache pages and other multimedia content, such as video and audio files, from websites visited by the user. This allows such websites to load more quickly the next time they are visited.

Nov 12, 2019 · The temporary internet file settings can be accessed through the Internet Explorer Internet Options screen. Use these options to change the temporary internet files folder location, set how often IE checks for cached website pages, and adjust the amount of storage reserved for temp files. Apr 15, 2020 · Go to Internet Options to choose the maximum size of the cache. You can also force IE to check for new website data and avoid the cache every time you visit the page, every time you use IE, automatically (the default option), or never. By default, Internet Explorer stores temporary internet files in this folder, but you can change the location.