1. a person or thing that predicts 2. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) an instrument, used in conjunction with an anti-aircraft gun, that determines the speed, distance, height, and direction of hostile aircraft 3.

Digital Content Preditor OWL/Producer Editor/Temp Jobs in Digital Content Preditor OWL/Producer Editor/Temp vacancy in Los Angeles - California - USA with Blizzard Entertainment. Search for more Digital Content Preditor OWL/Producer Editor/Temp jobs in Los Angeles - California - USA at other companies. Golden Predator: Home Golden Predator Mining Corp. is a well-funded Canadian gold mineral exploration company focused on advancing its high grade 3 Aces Project in Canada's Yukon. What does preditor mean? - definitions

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Jan 11, 2011 · Storyline It has taken millions of years for predatory animals to develop the skills required to take down their prey and I, PREDATOR takes viewers inside their bodies while they're on the hunt. Learn how the Great White, the Cheetah, the Polar Bear and more are able to successfully stalk, attack and concur their prey. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis IPREDATOR Unlike human predators prior to the Information Age, iPredators rely upon the multitude of benefits offered by Information and Communications Technology [ICT]. These assistances include exchange of information over long distances, rapidity of information exchanged and the seemingly infinite access to data available. Jun 12, 1987 · "Predator" is a timeless sci-fi action film with Arnold Schwarzenegger and a team of "badasses". The stor is engaging and suspenseful even when the viewer sees many times. Thirty years after the release, "Predator" has become a classic in the genre. My vote is nine. I have named the theoretical paradigm of this modern-day criminal and psychological reprobate iPredator. This new breed of human predator uses Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to profile, investigate, track, and attack their human prey.