May 26, 2015 · Simply right click on your desktop and select New - Shortcut, so that we can create web page shortcut using the URL you want. In the window that will appear, click Browse and select the .exe file of your favorite browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer or any other browser), usually located in C:/Program Files folder.

Add an Internet Shortcut to Windows 10 Start Menu. Open Microsoft Edge and navigate to the website for which you want a shortcut; Open the menu by clicking the three dots at the upper right of the screen; Click on pin this page to start; Click yes on the window that opens; Your shortcut is now in the start menu If like me you have Firefox set as your default browser in Windows XP but need to create a desktop shortcut to a web page but force it to open in Internet explorer or any other non-default browser there are two methods to achive this: Method 1 – Create from Scratch Right click on the … Continue reading "Create shortcut to open URL in non-default browser" Creating a shortcut on your desktop gives you quick access to your most used program and files. Shortcuts act as links to files and software stored elsewhere on your hard drive. You can create shortcuts for nearly any file, folder or program on your computer and place the links anywhere. Dec 06, 2019 · Note: If you set the „Location“ to „Desktop“ then you should make sure on the „Common“ tab the check box „run in logged-on user’s security context“ is set, because the shortcut will be published on the users own desktop. If you whish to deploy a shortcut to the „All Users“ profile then you have to set the target to „All Mar 16, 2019 · Once you have the shortcut on desktop or new tab page, you can visit your favorite site just opening it. 1. Creating Desktop Shortcut in Chrome Windows. All you have to do is just follow the simple steps given below: Start Google Chrome and open your favorite site which you like to create a desktop shortcut.

In this article, I will show you 2 easy ways to make a shortcut to internet explorer in Windows 7. Though you will find the Internet Explorer browser shortcut icon into the Program Files folder. You can move this shortcut icon on your desktop from the programs files folder. You also find the Internet Explorer icon on your taskbar.

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Apr 11, 2013 · It's not my computer but the owner will need desktop shortcuts to specific web pages (via Firefox). I have searched and searched but have found nowhere, for Linux Mint 14, on how to add such a shortcut. I have added Firefox as a shortcut on the desktop, but it is not enough. There must be a simple way. Please help.

Jan 08, 2020 · How to Create Website Shortcut in Windows This tutorial will show you different ways to create a website shortcut that will open in a web browser of your choice in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. CONTENTS: Option One: Create Website Shortcut o Mar 15, 2020 · Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Create a Shortcut. The second method to create a desktop shortcut involves the use of keyboard shortcuts. 1. Open the location of the folder or application you want to create a shortcut for. 2. Press and hold the Option + Command keys together. Simultaneously click on the folder or app and drag and drop it on the Aug 05, 2015 · Shows you how to create a shortcut to Internet Explorer in Windows 10, also shows you how to add Internet Explorer to the Start Menu and Taskbar. Internet explorer just like other websites allows you to create desktop shortcuts for your favorite websites . To create a website shortcut on desktop using internet explorer , follow the steps below:-Note: In this tutorial we have used windows 10 but this method works for internet explorer on all versions of windows 7 & 8 as well . Creating a Bookmark or Desktop Shortcut. Creating a bookmark or desktop shortcut can allow you to quickly access the login page for your Dude Solutions product. Bookmarks (or favorites) are created and accessed through your chosen internet browser. Desktop shortcuts are saved to your desktop and will open your selected browser to the saved URL. Mar 16, 2018 · EDIT: The new update to the Epic Games Launcher will know prompt you to add a shortcut to the desktop, so this video is no longer needed. This tutorial will